A Plan for Cypress Hills

This past spring, Cypress Hills rallied in Highland Park for affordable housing, anti-displacement policies for tenants, living wage jobs and better community services as a neighborhood rezone advances.

We were encouraged by the city’s decision to postpone the ULURP process to September instead of April, giving us more time to do outreach and make sure neighborhood residents are prepared for the coming changes to the area.

Now, the Coalition for Community Advancement has released their alternative plan for Cypress Hills and East New York, laying out details on what our community needs to thrive.

And our voices are being heard! The City has set aside funding to build 1,200 units of deeply affordable units in the next two years and funding for a new public school.

This is a victory for Cypress Hills and East New York – but our efforts are far from over. We have other goals for the neighborhood such as anti-displacement policies and resources, thousands of more units of deeply affordable housing, creating living wage jobs to raise local employment rates, improving transportation, upgrading community facilities and building new schools. With the ULURP drawing closer, now is the time for all residents to get involved! We must continue to rally, organize, plan and unite to make sure this rezone results in the best possible outcomes for Cypress Hills.

Read the Coalition’s plan to learn more, and follow the Coalition on Facebook for regular updates.

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