Highlights and Achievements

Since 1983, we have been working to make Cypress Hills a strong, vibrant community. We provide comprehensive services for the Cypress Hills community.  Together, our programs strengthen the area’s physical and economic infrastructure, provide quality educational and social services, and foster local leaders.

We are proud of our many successes.


Community Development

We are making Cypress Hills a greener, healthier, more sustainable place to live.

  • We are leading Cypress Hills Verde, a long-term plan for a green and healthy neighborhood.  Through two initiatives, Communities for Healthy Food and Two Shades of Green, we are piloting programs to educate the neighborhood about healthy eating and exercise and retrofitting residential housing to make the buildings more sustainable and environmentally friendly.  These initiatives were developed in partnership with the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC).
  • We developed and built Cypress Hills Community School, Brooklyn’s first green school building.

Youth Development

We work with children, teenagers and families to help young people to succeed in high school, college and the workforce.

Economic Opportunity

We help young adults enter the workforce and stay employed.

  • We are partnering with JobsFirst NYC, pioneering a sectoral employment program for young adults in logistics and transportation, providing training in job readiness and working with local businesses to match them with prospective employees and support their success in the workforce.

Affordable Housing

We help residents of Cypress Hills to have access to high-quality affordable housing.

  • We have developed 400 units of affordable housing in the community, creating homes for both renters and owners.
  • We are members of the New York Mortgage Coalition and have helped hundreds of families attain the dream of homeownership.
  • We won a Building Brooklyn Award in 2015 for our affordable housing complex, Cypress Hills Village.

 Leadership and Advocacy

 We help residents to be leaders engaged in influencing the future of their community.

  • We won the creation of three new school buildings in our community, through advocacy, organizing, and planning.
  • We have established tenant organizing and advocacy services to help neighborhood residents make positive changes through collective action.


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