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Cypress Hills Business Partners is a merchants association that supports community-friendly businesses to strengthen the local economy and expand workplace opportunities in Cypress Hills/East New York. With strong support from the NYC Department of Small Business Services, Cypress Hills Business Partners addresses such needs as security, marketing, sanitation/beautification and the pressures of gentrification.  Currently there are 50 businesses enrolled in our program.sbs_logo_all

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Why should you become a Cypress Hills Business Partner?

We offer a range of benefits to our Business Partners.  In addition to positive publicity, we learn about the needs of your business and help you meet them by connecting you with trained and screened job applicants to fill open positions in your company.  We provide ongoing support to help new employees transition to your workplace so they can succeed and support the success of your business.  We also provide access to business support services through our network so you can help your business grow.

Our Business Partners demonstrate a commitment to local hiring by notifying us of all open employment positions and accepting referrals from our job applicants, sharing data with us on employee retention, and participating in business forums.

If you want to learn more about becoming a Cypress Hills Business Partner, contact Raquel Olivares at or (718) 676-1544. Ext. 111

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Partner Spotlight – Paulines’ Educational Family Day Care Center

Pauline started her own business, Paulines Educational Family Day Care Center, 14 years ago, and she acknowledges that it wasn’t an easy road. “I had to become my own handyman, and build things such as cubbies, bookshelves and heater covers to cut down on startup expenses.”  

Pauline lives in the community and operates her business from her home. “As a woman business owner, it gives me great pleasure in being able to provide quality service in the community,” she says with pride. She started her day care center to share with families her “solid foundation from my cultural upbringing and educational background”.

Pauline recalls that in the beginning, she had periods of low enrollment. “I walked around the neighborhood, visited the local schools and joined the Cypress Hills Child Care Cooperation to promote my business,” she shares. She mentioned that she hosted parties and did raffles to fundraise, as banks “don’t see small businesses as stable entities”.

Pauline shares that she encountered negative people along the way, however, she was confident in what she had to offer. She describes her day care center as, “a loving, nurturing environment full of opportunities for young children to explore and develop into self-sufficient individuals.”

She says she joined the merchant association “to meet other business owners, who might be experiencing similar issues and to learn about the steps they took to resolve them.” She believes “it helps business owners to work together … to keep our businesses alive and strong in the community.” She knows she has a place to share her concerns, where they can be “addressed and channel in the right direction for the betterment of the whole community.”

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