Urban Agriculture

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As part of our efforts to make Cypress Hills a healthy, sustainable place to live, we developed community gardens on vacant land in the community, turning blighted spaces into green and thriving ones.

We have partnered with other organizations and residents to support the growth of these community gardens.

Visit Greenthumbnyc.org for more information on garden resources and workshops.



Community Garden Locations & Contact Information


Ashford Learning Garden
Contact: Lyeta Herb
Email: herb.lyeta@gmail.com
Chestnut Street Garden
Contact: Sandra Del Valle
Email: chestnutstreetcommunitygarden@gmail.com
Escape to Nature (Glenmore Hendrix Block Association) 
Contact: Jeanette Carter
Call: 247-355-3495
Glenmore Grows Garden 
Contact: Johnson Paul
Email: gemus13@aol.com
Jerry and the Senior Gents of E.N.Y.
Contact: Vere Gibbs
Email: vilgibbs@hotmail.com



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