The following are resources and toolkits to help Cypress Hills residents answer important questions you may have.

CHLDC provides assistance in applying for SNAP and re-certifying your application.  For more information visit:

Immigrant Resources

Our Immigrant Resources Toolkit/Herramientas Para la Comunidad will help you navigate the complex world of visas, lawyers, court procedures, and more.

NEW – updated Immigrant Clinic Outreach Schedule and translated fact sheets.

Immigration Clinic Outreach Schedule (updated January 2017)

Factsheet_Executive Order on Government Benefits

Factsheet_Executive Orders on Immigration_Arabic

Factsheet_Executive Orders on Immigration_Bengali

Factsheet_Executive Orders on Immigration_Chinese

Factsheet_Executive Orders on Immigration_English

Factsheet_Executive Orders on Immigration_French

Factsheet_Executive Orders on Immigration_Hindi

Factsheet_Executive Orders on Immigration_Spanish

Factsheet_Executive Orders on Immigration_Urdu

Tenant Resources
Our resources for tenants will help you learn about:

What can I do if my landlord is not making repairs?/¿Que puedo hacer si mi arrendatario no esta haciendo las reparaciones?

What can I do if my landlord wants to evict me?/¿Que puedo hacer si mi dueño me quiere deslojar?
Eviction Process_English
Proceso de Desalojo_Español

What are my rights as a tenant in a regulated vs. unregulated building?
Tenants Rights Regulated vs. Unregulated_English
Derechos de Inquilinos_Regulados vs. No Regulados_Español

Is your landlord pressuring you to move out?/¿Está presionandote el dueño para que tu mudes?

Healthy Homes Toolkit
These resources will help you maintain a healthy, safe and environmentally sustainable home, while saving water, energy and money on bills.


Healthy Homes Toolkit_English
Healthy Homes Toolkit_Español


Healthy Homes Checklist_English
Healthy Homes Checklist_Bengali
Healthy Homes Checklist_Español

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