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Youth and Family Services

Youth and Family Services Administrative Office
625 Jamaica Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11208
Division Director: Rob Abbot

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  • School Aged Child Care: We provide high quality, fun afterschool programs to 625 children in several public schools: PS 7, PS 65, PS 89, IS 171, and IS 302. We also provide summer camps.
    Contact: Director of Youth and Family Services, 625 Jamaica Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11208, 718-647-2800
  • Beacon: The Beacon is a school-based community center which provides adult education, including GED, afterschool and summer programs, and recreation, health and fitness for youth and adults. Click here for the Fitness Room brochure information.
    Contact: IS 302, 350 Linwood Street, Brooklyn, NY 11208 718.277.3522
  • Beacon Family Place: The Beacon Family Place provides family counseling.
    Contact: IS 302, 350 Linwood Street, Brooklyn, NY 11208, 718.277.9593
  • Cypress Hills Community Learning Center at IS 171: Offers adult education, including ESL, and afterschool and summer programs.
    Contact: IS 171, 528 Ridgewood Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11208, 718.715.8602.

Recent Highlights:

  • At our afterschool program at IS 171, we established the 171 band program, involved school day teachers in academic enrichment planning in our program, and supported our participants to create and perform a highly successful theater production, Seasons of Love.
  • We completed our participation in the Beacon Young Adolescents Initiative, which was featured at the national Youth Policy Forum as an effective program for engaging and retaining this age group.

Contact us regarding youth and family services in Cypress Hills.