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2017 Spring Fundraiser

Building Community. Growing Leaders.



Bank United​

JP Morgan Chase and Co.


Capital One Bank​

DP Group

Dunn Development Corporation

GVG Contracting Corp

Heitler Houstoun Architects

Hirschen Singer & Epstein, LLP

Hudson Housing Capital

M&T Bank

M. Melnick & Co., Inc.

T.U.C. Management Co, Inc.

Tiger Baron Foundation


Affinity Health Plan


City National Bank of New Jersey

CTA Architects P.C.

Federated Title Services

FOA & Son Corporation

Legacy Office Solutions (DBA Peck’s Office Plus)

Lettire Construction

LISC New York City/National Equity Foundation

New York Community Bancorp, Inc.

Omni New York LLC


Dattner Architects

Lee Home, Inc.

Red Stone Equity Partners

Shinda Management Corporation

TGI Office Automation

Community Partner

Brooklyn Legal Services Corporation A

Corporate Synergies Group, LLC

Loeb & Troper, LLP

Ridgewood Savings Bank

At this year’s gala we honored two remarkable women who have made great contributions to the Cypress Hills community: Silvia Belmonte and Emily Estevez. Silvia is an incredible young woman who has and continues to help local high school students navigate the path to college at our Student Success Center at the Lane high school campus. Emily Estevez was a founding member of the Cypress Hills College Success Partners, a group of NYC-based career professionals who volunteer their time to help young people from Cypress Hills and East New York chart a road to higher education.


The funds we raised at this event will help cover our basic program and operating expenses and enable us to respond to Cypress Hills’ ever-changing needs. We put these generous donations to work serving and educating young people, supporting young adults to gain admission to and succeed in college, helping residents secure good living-wage jobs with career ladders, engaging youth in fun, educational afterschool programs and summer camps, building and preserving affordable housing, greening the neighborhood and mobilizing Cypress Hills/East New York to fight for justice.


We are extremely grateful for our host committee’s hard work and the generous support from our sponsors. Visit our Facebook page to see additional photos from the event.

On May 17th we held our annual spring fundraiser, Cypress Celebrates at The Park in Chelsea. Turnout was incredible – over 220 people attended despite the sweltering heat and we raised just over $85,000!


Host Comittee

Darrin Bedol (co-chair)

Michelle Caley (co-chair)

Kimberly Coca

Emily Estevez

Elizabeth Kahn

Vicky Kahn

Gisella Lemos

Mark Migliacci

Michelle Neugebauer

Alexis Lugo-Sanchez

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