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 Celebration of Community Progress 

 Scholarship Funds

Community Development Celebration Thingy

Every year we host a Celebration of Community Progress event to celebrate the Community and everything that we've accomplished and everything we aspire to make happen here in the community. We also recognize the wonderful people that make our community building accomplishments possible. All proceeds benefit the Cesiah Toro Mullane Scholarship Fund. 



Choose one or both scholarship funds to support through this event. Please select below.

Cesiah Toro Mullane Scholarship Fund



Cesiah Toro Mullane was a one of the founding members and Board President of CHLDC, and extremely supportive resident of the Cypress Hills community. Cesiah was born and raised in Puerto Rico, where she graduated from Rio Pieras and went to the University of Puerto Rico for two years. In 1954 she became a resident of Cypress Hills, and embraced CHLDC's work in youth and family services, educational reform and affordable housing & economic development. Cesiah was an enthusiastic fundraiser and tireless volunteer - - whether it was serving as the Master of Ceremonies for “We Love Cypress Hills Day;” working to govern the Cypress Hills Community School; composing and editing by-laws; convincing private philanthropists to invest in the organization; or motivating others, by her own example, to give of their time and money to CHLDC. 

Education and opportunity were important to Cesiah. In 1976, she completed her B.A. in Spanish and Secondary Education at York College of CUNY. From 1977 to 1983, she was an interpreter and bilingual assistant to the Director of Personnel/Assistant Attorney-in-Charge, Civil Division, and later worked as a Paralegal Supervisor in the Family Law Unit. Cesiah also worked at August Martin High School, mentored students from the Empire State University, and was sewing instructor at the F.K. Lane High School Adult Education Program. 

Cesiah showed us all the impact of one remarkable woman’s vision and leadership. In honor of the late Cesiah Toro Mullane we offer a scholarship in her name to current college students from the Cypress Hills community. We are proud to continue her legacy by supporting our students in their efforts to complete college! Your contribution will help to support the college related expenses of a high-achieving and financially needy student pursuing a 4 year Bachelor’s degree.





Award Information:

The Fund will award two new first year $1000 scholarships to Cypress Hills’ residents who exemplify Cesiah’s values and life. The scholarship may be used for tuition, books, travel, and other college related expenses. The scholarship is intended to support financially needy students pursuing a 4 year Bachelor’s degree. Students must provide copies of their transcripts on an annual basis demonstrating that they have accumulated enough academic credits to advance to the next college level in order to be considered for scholarship renewals. The scholarship is renewable up to 4 years if a student remains in good standing. In the second year the scholarship is $1000, in the third year, the scholarship is $1000 and the final year, it is $1,500. The scholarship will not be renewed if college transcripts show a lack of credit accumulation or academic failures.

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