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Chestnut Commons

This page will be dedicated to answering your questions about the application process for our Affordable Housing Project, Chestnut Commons.

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How to Apply

On March 1st from 10am - 3pm, we will be hosting an in-person workshop with MHANY Management to assist folks with applying for Chestnut Commons with paper applications and Housing Connect 2.0. Workshop will take place at 2966 Fulton Street Brooklyn NY, 11208

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Apply Online

You can fill out the online application on the Housing Connect site here. Be sure to create an account before you apply.  

Provided is a guide to HousingConnect, "Ready, Set, Apply!"produced in multiple languages:

Paper Application

To request a paper application, please mail a self-addressed envelope to:

Chestnut Commons Apartments, c/o MHANY Management Inc., 470 Vanderbilt Avenue 9th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11238.

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