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Building Community. Growing Leaders.

About Cypress Hills Business Partners

Cypress Hills Business Partners is a merchants association that supports community-friendly businesses to strengthen the local economy and expand workplace opportunities in Cypress Hills/East New York. With strong support from the NYC Department of Small Business Services, Cypress Hills Business Partners addresses such needs as security, marketing, sanitation/beautification and the pressures of gentrification.Currently there are 50 businesses enrolled in our program.

If you’re looking for a particular service, but don’t know the name of the program, head to the “How Can We Help You?” page where programs are sorted by the service they can provide to you or your family.

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Why you should become a Cypress Hills Business Partner?


We offer a range of benefits to our Business Partners.  In addition to positive publicity, we learn about the needs of your business and help you meet them by connecting you with trained and screened job applicants to fill open positions in your company.  We provide ongoing support to help new employees transition to your workplace so they can succeed and support the success of your business.  We also provide access to business support services through our network so you can help your business grow.

Our Business Partners demonstrate a commitment to local hiring by notifying us of all open employment positions and accepting referrals from our job applicants, sharing data with us on employee retention, and participating in business forums.


If you want to learn more about becoming a Cypress Hills Business Partner, contact:


Hugo Espinal

Director Cypress Hills Business Partners

276 Chestnut St, Brooklyn, NY 11208

(315) 743-8329 ext. 5101


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Business Partner Spotlight: Cortorreal Upholstery

Manuel Cortorreal, owner of Cortorreal Upholstery started doing upholstery work in his birth country Dominican Republic in the 1980s. He first opened his business in 1999 in Long Island, and moved to Cypress Hills around 13 years ago.


He moved his commercial space to Cypress Hills because it was “close to home and because there’s potential in this community.” He wishes to stay in this community because “there’s a lot of potential here.” He joined the merchant association in April 2017 because “it’s important to be united, we can accomplish more together, and have access to resources we wouldn’t have otherwise.”When asked what challenges he has had to overcome he mentions that his biggest one has been access to capital. He says it’s hard to grow your business at it’s full 

potential, when you don’t have access to resources.


Manuel’s advice to new business owner coming to this community is “to plan well, organize logistics, and analyze the area.” He says, “it’s great to be auto sufficient and be your own boss but it’s a lot of work as well.”


Cortorreal Upholstery is located at 3080 Fulton St. You can call Cortorreal Upholstery at 347-295-0269.

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