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Community Kitchen

Building Community. Growing Leaders.

Welcome to the Cypress Hills East New York Community Kitchen! We now have brand new state of the art kitchen rental space located in the heart of Cypress Hills Brooklyn ran and operated with the mission to help companies grow. We offer a host of free classes, workshops and events with both cold and dry Storage space available on site makes production convenient and seamless. 

Whether you would like to become a chef, help grow your local food business, or become an entrepreneur within the food industry, our Community Kitchen is the place to start. Below are the programs and opportunities offered at the Community Kitchen.

  • Kitchen Incubator - Commercial cooking space for local food businesses

  • Hot Bread Kitchen Classes - Culinary Training


Ricaurte Silvera

Director of Community Kitchen

276 Chestnut Street, Brooklyn, NY 11208

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Kitchen Incubator

Kitchen Incubator

We are using our kitchen as an incubator to provide access to culinary based businesses in need of commercial cooking space and support to grow their business. If you are interested in joining the Kitchen Incubator program, fill out the interest form linked below. 

Kitchen Incubator Interest Form:

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Hot Bread Kitchen Culinary Training

We've partnered with Hot Bread Kitchen, to provide local Cypress Hills and East New York residents the opportunity to take a culinary skills training classes.

Hot Bread Kitchen is an organization, founded in 2008, that works to create economic opportunities for immigrant women and women of color through careers in food. The organization has helped over 300 women find careers and incubated 250 small food businesses.


Through these courses, participants learn about cooking techniques and safety measures that will help them become professionals within the food business. Classes are held from Monday through Thursday, from 5pm to 8pm.

If you have any questions about enrollment, please contact:

Jessen Vasquez

Program Coordinator

(347) 201-1936 

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