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Matthew Gross 

Managing Partner
Urban Builders Collaborative, LLC 

Matt Gross has dedicated his career to innovating and building affordable housing, economic opportunity, and sustainable communities. He believes that being “progressive” means actually working to create policies and programs that produce needed services and opportunities, particularly within communities of color. Matt's extensive knowledge of public policy, process, and development, combined with a commitment to ensuring that the use of such be committed to productive and inclusive housing development, contribute to his successful track record as a developer who creates socially, economically, and environmentally responsible projects.

Professionally, Matt is an Executive Officer for Lettire Construction Corporation (Lettire) and Managing Director and Partner for Urban Builders Collaborative LLC (UBC), the development affiliate of Lettire, where he is responsible for $700 million of development in all phases, consisting of 1,200 apartments.  As a volunteer, Matt has provided countless hours of pro bono support to many nonprofits, Black and Latino organizations, and community-based groups, lending his expertise to assist them in developing realistic projects, goals, and services for the communities they represent. He has been involved in the creation of safe and supportive spaces for domestic violence survivors, at-risk LGBTQ members, and people with mental health challenges.

In the words of a colleague, “Matt Gross is a man of outstanding intellect and knowledge when it comes to the vast intricacies of the financial and regulatory rules involving real estate. He has a special understanding of affordable housing. He applies his talent and knowledge to create countless quality affordable housing projects and employment opportunities for people in underserved communities. He is true to a community development model that includes community leaders, residents, elected officials, working in collaboration with their input and approvals.”

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