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A Festive Carnival Day at the PS 65 After School Program

On Wednesday, June 15th, Our After School Program at P.S. 65 hosted an after school carnival event for its students. The event featured various games hand-crafted by staff members, delicious food and drinks, and carnival prizes for the students to take home. The games offered included archery, checkers, ring toss, balloon darts, and balloon poppers. Many students were very pleased with the food selection and game offerings.

In between cupcake breaks, balloon popping, and impromptu games of tag, some students sat down with us to discuss their favorite parts of the event and moments at the P.S. 65 after school program in general. One 5th grade student remarked her appreciation for the time and effort put into the event. To her, the handmade games and decorations illustrated the staff’s dedication towards making the event meaningful for the students. According to one 4th grader, the staff “make it [the events] more fun”. Many other students expressed similar thoughts, relaying how the opportunity to connect with older members of the community was one of the highlights of the event. In the midst of discussing his favorite carnival games and snacks, another 4th grader explained the importance of these after school events. To him, these events “help kids to connect with Cypress and have more fun”. They help make school and CHLDC a more welcoming place to learn and grow.

One 5th grader described her appreciation for her school community. After highlighting how “everyone’s personality is so bright” here at P.S. 65, she mentioned the strength in community within the school. “We’re a family”, she remarked. Indeed, love and friendship shone brightly that afternoon. The laughter and smiles shared by the students and staff represented just that: a family.


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