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Community Schools and Human Service Workers Receive Necessary Funding Thanks to Advocacy Efforts!

Over the past few months our organization has participated in call-in days, rallies and other advocacy actions to restore funding for educational programs and to fund fair and equitable pay for human service workers.

In April and May, our staff took to City Hall to support the #JustPay protest, which called for the City to pay human service workers on par with municipal workers and increase their pay to match the increases in the cost of living.

Later in June, we revisited City Hall, this time on the steps, to demand that Mayor Eric Adams and Mayor Adams, Chancellor Banks and the City Council to restore the $9.6 million being cut from over 50 Community School programs including those on the Lane campus. We are thankful to Council Member Sandy Nurse for her advocacy for both causes.

Last week we learned that upon the passing of the City's 2023 budget, the 51% cut to the Lane campus Community School program has been restored! In addition, the #JustPay Campaign was successful in winning $60 million to enhance human services contracts to provide cost of living adjustments!

We appreciate the effort, attendance, and support shown from our community and staff. We are so proud to see that advocacy helped lead to some change!


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