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Building Community. Growing Leaders.

Community Development Celebration Thingy

Every year we host a Celebration of Community Progress event to celebrate the Community and everything that we've accomplished and everything we aspire to make happen here in the community. We also recognize the wonderful people that make our community building accomplishments possible. All proceeds benefit the Cesiah Toro Mullane Scholarship Fund. 


Click here to view photos of our 2018 Celebration of Community Progress

Neighborhood Activist Award - bestowed upon an adult change agent or group of activists who has volunteered their time to tackle a tough community problem, beautify the neighborhood, fight for justice, etc.


Community Partner Award - recognizes a government official or another community based organization or an employer that has helped CHLDC fulfill its mission and made the neighborhood a better place to live and work.


College Visionary - honors a college junior or senior who has come out of our access programs and excelled in higher education and has big dreams of changing the world through their chosen career path.


Next Generation Community Leader Award - honors a young person, ages 14-24, who shows tremendous leadership potential and has been active in our programs and community service or social action campaigns to improve the neighborhood.


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